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Mukysheva R.Z.

Mukysheva Raushangul ZakanovnaMukysheva Raushangul Zakanovna (1971) – poet, translator, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

She was born on September 3, 1971 in the East Kazakhstan region. Graduated from S. Amanzholov EKSU, Faculty of Kazakh Language and Literature (1993), postgraduate studies at the Institute of Literature and Art of the National Academy of Kazakhstan (2000), Szeged University, specialty Foreign Economic Relations (2013). 

She worked in 1993-1996 as a senior lecturer of the Kazakh Literature Department at the S. Amanzholov EKSU. In 1998-2014 and until today he has been working as a lecturer of the Kazakh language Department of Altaic Studies at the University of Szeged (Hungary).

From 2003 to the present, he has been giving reports and lectures at international meetings and universities: 2003 report on the topic "Kazakh-Hungarian proverbs and sayings" (in Hungarian) at the Conference dedicated to Mandoki Istvak Kongur (Budapest). 2008 scientific conference established by the Embassy of Azerbaijan (Budapest) report on the topic "The relationship of Azerbaijani and Kazakh literature in the light of the works of Nizami and Abai" (in Russian). 2009 Scientific conference established by the Embassy of Azerbaijan (Budapest) report on the topic "Azerbaijani proverbs" (comparison of proverbs of Turkic peoples with Hungarian) (in Hungarian). September 2010 lectures "On the culture of the Hungarian Kipchaks" at the Hacettepe University (Ankara, in Turkish). September 2011 Conference at the Central Asia Forum (ESCAS) at Cambridge University (England) on the topic "The study of the image of a shaman in Kazakh and Hungarian folklore" (in English). October 2013 International Conference at the University of Szeged report on "Lifelong Education in Kazakhstan"(in English). November 2013 report on the topic "We must know our roots" (in Hungarian). September 2015 conference dedicated to the 170th anniversary of Abai at S. Amanzholov EKSU in Ust-Kamenogorsk report on the topic "Abai research in Hungary".

2016 IV International Congress on Turkology: Turkic peoples through centuries and lands report on the topic "Hungarian researchers on the peculiarities of Kazakh culture (XIX century and the beginning of XX century)" (Poland, Warsaw). 2017 II International Humanitarian Forum of Scientists report on "Turanism in Hungarian Literature" (Astana).

The first poems were published in republican publications. Translations of Russian and Hungarian poetry have been published in republican publications. In 1998-2005, she worked as her own correspondent in Hungary for the newspaper "Kazakh Adebieti", published articles and talks about the history, legend and culture of Hungary. Since 2007 and to this day, he has been his own correspondent in Hungary for the newspaper "Aikyn". R. Mukysheva has prepared a collection of poems "Kazygurt-zhurek" for publication. In 2014, she was an interpreter for Prime Minister Karim Massimov during his visit to Hungary, led the opening of the monument to Abai in Budapest. She translated 2 songs of Abai into Hungarian, which were performed during the opening of the monument.

Winner of the award named after Tolegena Aibergenova – prize of the magazine "Zhalyn". The winner of the prize "Zamana", which was announced by the newspaper "Ana Tili".


Publications about the life and highness of R. Mukysheva


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