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Tyulenov (Tolenov) Dzhaksylyk (Zhaksylyk)

Tyulenov (Tolenov) Dzhaksylyk (Zhaksylyk)Tyulenev (Tolenov) Dzhaksylyk (Zhaksylyk) (1882-1974) – akyn, public figure, Alash activist.

He was born in 1882 in the winter quarters of Atan near Abyraly, Karkaraly district, Semipalatinsk region (now East Kazakhstan region).

He had a close friendship with Asset Naimanbayev. From the poet Asset Naimanbayev I heard about Abai. In 1909-1912 he lived with his parents in the area of Karamyshenka (now Karamyshevo) at the outskirts of Zmeinogorsk, Altai Krai. 

In 1916, Dzhaksylyk and his brothers began working at the Angersky Kopy coal mine in Western Siberia near Tomsk. In the same year, he was accepted as a member of the All-Russian Bolshevik Party and took part in revolutionary events.

Since May 1917, he has lived in Semipalatinsk (now Semey), where he opened the artel of shoemakers "Zhumsat". After some time, Kazakh youth began to gather in the workshop, among whom were M. Auezov, S. Toraigyrov, S. Donentaev. In the same year, Dzhaksylyk became a member of the partnership of microcredit "Tendik". The members of this partnership were well-known personalities of the Alash movement: Shakarim Kudaiberdiyev, Abikey Satbayev, Saduakas Shormanov, Mannan Turganbayev, Tursynbay Dayyrbekov, Mukhametkhan Seitkulov, Duysenbi Kalmatayev, Kabysh Berdalin.

In 1918, on suspicion of being in connection with the Alashordins, Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev was imprisoned from January to March. After learning about the detention, the working poor wrote a refuting letter and collected signatures, after which Dzhaksylyk was released.  After his release, he meets with the Bolshevik Golovkin, at whose request he organized a rally among the working peasants. After the rally, Zhaksylyk Tyulenev was elected to the Council of Deputies as deputy chairman.

In mid-December 1919, during the struggle with the White Guards, Dzhaksylyk met the commander of the Kostanay regiment of the Red Army, under whose influence he joined the Bolshevik struggle and kept in touch with the government of the Alash-Orda.

In 1920, Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev and Alimkhan Ermekov were members of the Kazakh Revolutionary Committee.  Later, at a meeting of the Semipalatinsk Gubrevkom, Dzhaksylyk was appointed the first Soviet judge in the Shyngystau-Borili volosts. Here he participates in the work of the first provincial congress. He takes an active part in the work of peaceful construction in the Abyralinsky region, in 1928 he supervised the construction of the Turksib. In the 1930s he participated in collectivization in the Abyralinsky district.

In the 1940s, Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev was engaged in creative work. He is the author of poems, historical stories, dastans, poems such as "Azat Bakyt, Baktiyar", "Kara kaska atta Kambar batyr", "Kara tula Karkabat". More than 50 of his works are known, but many works have not been found.

Engaged in scientific and educational agitation among young people. In 1945, at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Abai, Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev was recognized as a national akyn. 

In 1962, an encyclopedia about the life and work of folk akyns was published by the Music Department of the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Literature and Art of the Kazakh SSR named after M. Auezov. This edition includes stories about the life and history of the creation of Tattimbet kuev from the words of Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev 

Thanks to Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev, documentary facts about the descendants of Abai, Asset Naimanbayuly, Alash figures A. Ermekov, A. Bukeikhanov, M. Dulatov were recorded.

In 1974, Dzhaksylyk Tyulenev died in the village of Egindybulak, Karaganda region.


Literature about D. Tyulenev (Zh. Tolenov)


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