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Oskenbayev Kh.

Oskenbayev Khaliolla Kunanbayuly (1848-1870) – ethnographer, researcher, translator.

Khaliolla (Khaliullah, Halel) Oskenbayev was born in 1848 in the Kunanbai family.

Kunanbai recorded children in his own name, and only Khaliolla and grandson Abdrakhman gave the name of his father Oskenbai. A certificate in the name of "Khaliolla Oskenbayev" has been preserved in the archives. In Russian publications and archives, he can be found under the name "Khaliulla Uskenbayev". A visionary sultan-educator, Kunanbai gives his children, and then his grandchildren, to learn Muslim literacy from the aul mullah Habithan. Of all his children, Kunanbai had high hopes for Abai and Khaliolla, noting their "calm and thoughtful" nature and the natural craving of his sons for the light of knowledge. Khaliolla is studying at the Kamaliden Hazret Muslim Madrasah in Semey. He is studying Russian on his own. At the age of 11-12, Khaliolla enters the cadet corps in Omsk. After graduating after 7 years, in 1867 Khaliolla entered the Alexander Military School in Moscow. After college, Khaliolla stays in his native village for a year, then for a year he is in military service in Omsk.

The talented son of Kunanbai Khaliol, dies of consumption in 1870 in Omsk, at the age of 22. He was buried at home, in the winter quarters of "Sary Katyn".

A short biography of Khaliolla, one of the first representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia, a native of the family of a steppe aristocrat, is an example of possessing rich natural inclinations and showing a persistent desire for knowledge. Studying military craft in a foreign land, Khaliolla keenly feels longing for his native steppe and shows serious interest in the oral creativity of his people. He collects, processes and translates samples of folklore of the Kazakh people into Russian and publishes them in the publications "Dala Ualayaty", "Siberian Bulletin", "Moscow Leaflet", "Nature and People". Part of the collected research material is sent to the famous Russian orientalists I. Berezin, N. Kostyletsky, N. Maksimov, who noted the high professionalism of Khaliolla Oskenbayev.

Unfortunately, the literary and translation heritage of Khaliolla has not been preserved and has not reached our days. Only the article "Kazakh anzy" is known, published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Leaf" in 1892 (No. 274).

After the death of Khaliolla, two boxes of personal belongings were brought home with his body. Khaliolla's books and manuscripts, his educational ideas, as well as his talent, which was not fully revealed, spiritually enriched Abai and strengthened him in his desire to engage in enlightenment and devote his life to the people.

Russian scientists and writers G. Potanin, N. Maksimov, I. Berezin, N. Kostyletsky wrote about Khaliolla at various times. "...He liked to tell his countrymen the content of Russian novels and novels in the evenings, and the Kyrgyz listened to him with such interest that they asked him to write down his stories; thus, notebooks written in Kyrgyz and containing a free translation of the works of Turgenev, Lermontov, Tolstov, etc..." - from the article by Grigory Potanin "In the Yurt the last Kyrgyz Tsarevich" (from a trip to Kokchetavsky Uyezd), published in the magazine "Russian Wealth" (1896, No. 8., p. 83).

Alkey Margulan is the first scientist who researched the biography and appreciated the spiritual heritage of Khaliolla Oskenbayev. Kazakh writers and scientists M. Auezov, S. Mukanov, U. Subkhanberdina, A. Sagdi, M. Beisenbayev, T. Zhurtbay, T. Alimkulov and others studied the biography of Khaliolla Oskenbayev. Descendants of the Yrgyzbai family proudly wrote their memoirs about the talented brother: Kakitai (Gabdulhakim) Kunanbayev, Arkham Iskakov, Akhat Kudaiberdiyev, Turagul Kunanbayev.

The life and work of Abai's younger brother Khaliolla Kunanbayuly, who bore the surname of Oskenbai's grandfather, still require detailed and scrupulous study.


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