Известные имена

Saduakasov A.

Saduakasov Azimham (1930) – writer, journalist

He was born on 3 March in the Kyzyl Zhuldyz of the Makanchi district of Semey (now Urdzhar district East-Kazakhstan) oblast. After the end of World War II, he became secretary of the local people's court. He entered to teacher training college, in absentia. He graduated the Veterinary Institute in absentia.
He worked as a director of the eight-year school «Zhas Kairat» and later the director of the boarding Makanchi district. Since 1961, he was on the party work. Azimhan Saduakasov was awarded the Order of Lenin for his organizational work, and in 1966 was elected as a delegate to the 23th Party Congress. His labor activity was evaluated Order of Red Banner of Labor, medals and diplomas. From 1980 to 1992 A. Saduakasov was director of Semipalatinsk procuring College. In 2005 he published his book «Honorary Citizens of the Semipalatinsk region».


Писатели Семипалатинского региона [Текст] : библиографический указатель / Семипалатинская универсальная научная библиотека им. Абая. - Семипалатинск : Талант, 2006. – С. 61-62.