Известные имена

Yusup K.

Юсуп КенесYusup Kenes (1941) – writer, journalist, translator

He was born on 30 June in the Baymur village of Ulan district of East Kazakhstan oblast. In 1958 he graduated from the Kazakh high school named after Zhambyl in Ust-Kamenogorsk. After graduating from college he worked in Upper Irtysh Shipping Company. Later he graduated from the journalism faculty of the Kazakh State University. He worked as a literary associate, head of the department of the East-Kazakhstan newspaper «Flag of Communism» periodicals, national newspapers and magazines «Socialistic Kazakhstan», «Kazakhstan communism», «Zhuldyz».
He is the author of collections of stories «Truth trip» (1977), «November's spring» (1981), «Armfuls of wildflowers» (1983), the dictionary «Help Dictionary» (1992), books Records Management «Proceedings in two languages», books «Zhelkaiyk» (2000), on problems of terminology, workflow of Kazakh language «The document language» (2001). He translated into Kazakh language book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez «One Hundred Years of Solitude» (1983), as well as a collection of stories of young Bulgarian writers «Gulzhazira» (1987).


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