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Aitkozhauly B.

Aitkozhauly Baymagambet (1870-1932) - poet, student of Abai.

Baymagambet Aitkozhauly is a poet, a prominent representative of the poetic school of Abai. He was part of the closest circle of Abai, one of the talented students who justified the hopes of the great poet. While attending Abai's school, Baymagambet received a lot of knowledge from the great thinker and listened to the instructions.

An example is his poems written in the style of Abai and epic tales of considerable volume, heard from Abai based on real events of that time. In 1915, in the publishing house "Yardam" ("Zhardem") a collection of works by Baymagambet Aitkozhauly was published as a separate book.

When visiting the village of Abai and living there for a long time, Baymagambet Aitkozhauly studied with the great poet. He later recalled: "Abai had a trait in his character: the poet himself, if he was out of sorts, did not start a new one. If he started, then, regardless of old and young, he brought this matter to the final result " (K.Mukhametkhanov. Collection of works. - Volume 4. - Almaty, 2005. p. 175)

In the book published in 1977 "M.O.Auezov kolzhazba murasy", Sapargali Begalin wrote: "Of those people in Abai's inner circle who were close to the poet and knew Abai's work well, one can call Baymagambet Aitkozhauly (pp. 50-60)." S. Begalin collected memories from those who lived during Abai and studied with him. In the period from 1930-31, he met and talked with Baymagambet Aitkozhauly.

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