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Maniyarova M.

Maniyarova MarzhangulManiyarova Marzhangul (1955) – songwriter

Marzhangul Maniyarova was born in 1955 on June 19 in Beskaragai village of Katon-Karagai district of East Kazakhstan region. After graduating from Beskaragai secondary school, she studied at the Pedagogical Institute of Ust-Kamenogorsk (1972-1976).

She composed her first song as a student to the words of the poet M.Makataev "Hey, life". This song became popular in 1975-80 years was performed via "Altai auenderi" (Altai Melodies) of the village of Katon-Karagai.

In 2000, at the contest dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Ust-Kamenogorsk, the song "Aru Kalam, Oskemen" to the words of the East Kazakhstan poet Marat Tastaganov received a prize and the title of laureate.

To date, the songs "Zher ana", "Zhasa mangi tugan Zher", "Aru Kalam, Oskemen", "Or, Karatai", etc. are often performed at competitions of regional and republican scale.

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