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Amrenov T.

Танирберген Амренов

 Amrenov Tanirbergen (1907-1985) – folk akyn

He was born in the Chagan parish of Semey district, in the Kara Bujur. His father, Amre, died when he was only seven years old. He had a difficult childhood.
His mother made to give the boy some education, despite all the difficulties. The seven-year Tanirbergen began attending classes at the local mullahs madrassas. Inquisitive and capable boy wasn’t limited to the teachings from the mullahs, he supplemented his knowledge in aul teacher G.Tyurebaev.
When he learned to read and write, he began to learn Arab tales, Eastern poetry, works of folklore.
After the October Revolution, he took an active part in the organization of a new life, the collectivization of agriculture as an ordinary worker. In 1930 Amrenov creates poems, full of joy and pride of the new Soviet regime. These poems were published in the Semipalatinsk local newspaper. So for the first time the young poet's name appeared in the press.
His poems and aitys were published in the newspapers «Socialistic Kazakhstan», «Kazakhstanskaya Pravda», «Irtysh», «Semey Tany» in the magazine «Zhuldyz».
His works are included in collections of «Act akyns», «Songs of akyns», etc. He released three books «Aitys», «Zhumbak tas», «Zhol Muraty».